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Smart school bus safety

Our student transportation portfolio maximizes school bus safety and security—monitoring student activity onboard, aiding maneuverability with a bird’s-eye view of the bus, automatic collection of stop-arm violations and more. 

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On-board Attendance

When a student uses his or her ID Card to board the school bus, the record will immediately upload to the system’s central platform and generate an attendance report. At the same time, the student’s parents can receive a notification email or SMS informing them their child has boarded the bus. This function helps to ensure the safety of students daily.

Child Protection After Operation

Children occasionally fall asleep while riding. If the bus driver parks and turns off the engine while a child remains inside, rising internal temperatures could threaten the child’s health, especially in the summertime. Not to worry – Hikvision’s intelligent behavior detection can capture vital signs on the bus and recognize a child’s “calling for help” in a timely manner. An alarm message sent to the monitoring center will prompt security personnel to respond to the child.

Route Deviation Alarm

Routes and deviation ranges can be pre-set on the GIS map for the vehicle. Once the system detects a school bus diverging from its route, the mobile NVR will automatically report to the monitoring center with an alarm message. 

Real-time GPS Positioning & Tracking

This system can locate school buses in real-time using a GIS map, and track their route status by displaying icons with identifying colors. This solution can also provide other detailed information of the vehicle, such as a vehicle’s coordinates and speed, along with preview and playback, real-time tracking, and dynamic notification reporting

GPS History Playback

Track the movement of buses using vehicle information and a specific time period. Colored lines indicate route status. For example, a route that has not been reviewed is shown in light blue, and when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the route will be in red.

Driver Behavior Analysis

The safety of children is priority, that’s why behaviors that violate driving regulations receive alerts, preventing possible accidents.

Irregular driving can be automatically detected by an intelligent analyzer, and an alarm will be sent to the system. The duty operator at a monitoring center can communicate with vehicle drivers using two-way audio when a system alarm identifies abnormal or illegal driving behaviors.