TOTAL SECURE is a Total Solution Center for Safety & Security products for buildings and automobiles. We cater to different requirements of the IT and Safety and Security System. We have a dedicated technical team certified by the relevant bodies to execute the projects. We are certified by SIRA,TRA and ESMA. We also have an expertise in the business of Speed Limiters, School Bus Modification System, CCTV Surveillance, GPS Tracking and Automotive Security for the last decade.


Founded in 2013, Total secure is the leading provider of security products and solutions in the sectors of Automobile and IT industry.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi and branches in Dubai, Total Secure is ISO 9001:2015 company anchored by 40+ employees and is built on strong foundation of innovation , professionalism and Integrity.

Our vision

To be the leaders in providing Innovative and Professional Products and Services in the field of Automotive Security Systems by continuous research and development of our team and by imparting the right technical training to our implementation team and thereby to contribute in making this planet a safer place to the generations to comeâ.

Automobile Division

Total secure provides security solutions for automotive and cater different requirement of school transport fleet ,public and private transport and rent a car .

In the year 2015, featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce ,Total secure started manufacturing speed limiters in the United Arab Emirates which are approved by the ESMA and subscribed to GSO1626.

Total secure is proud to have contributed to the growth of school bus security system &technology in the UAE with its innovative and timely updated solutions of video surveillance , fleet management solution and GPS tracking solutions for school buses. 

IT Industry Division

Total secure also specializes in offering tailor made IT solutions for home, office , building , hotel& warehouses in the UAE. Certified by SIRA and AMCC the company has a dedicated technical team to execute projects and a group of skilled professionals for proper installations and service support.

We help customers build and maintain their technology infrastructure, and improve operational efficiency through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, and Safety/Security solutions , Passive and Active networking, IP CCTV and Access Control.

Total secure has an excellent track record for best customer satisfaction with certifications from SIRA, AMCC, ICV,TRA , ESMA.

We strive to provide a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets.

Our Certificates

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